The Festivals of India.

The festivals of India has it's own uniqueness. Some times it is the day of colors like Holi or it could be the festival of lights like Diwali. These all festivals are a part of our life no matter where we live or stay. The festivals of India have a synopsis, importance, significance and most of all every one enjoys them to the core of their heart. To understand each festival is an exceptional challenge in itself. How ever amavasya and some other explanations are not  festivals and many  don't recognize it, but there could be an interesting story lying in each of the aspects written below. To explore these click the links and get cognizant of our culture and feel the intimacy with God. 

Amavasya Makar Sankranti
Sixteen Mondays (sola somwar) Diwali
GuruPurnima Tulsi Pooja / Tulsi Vivah
Kojagari Purnima Maha Shivratri
Vara Mahalakshmi Raksha Bandhan
Nag Panchami Gokul Ashtami
Holi Ganesh Chaturti

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