The Saraswat Maths

Kashi Math
Jeevottam Math
Chitrapur Math
Dabholi Math 
Kavali Math

The Kashi Math has its headquarters at Varanasi or Kashi. Kashi Math has an influx of followers from Kerala and South Kanara. The Math have been spreading and preaching the moral and spiritual values to the world.   The swamijis have been preaching that to attain your wealth and wishes one should not forget their Dharma. The traditional values should not be eradicated one should uphold that the last goal in life is to get Mukti or Moksha. Kashi math has it's roots spread wide across the Indian nation from Haridwar to Tirupathi. It has organizations and branches at Kashi,  Basrur, Bantwal, Baroda, Banglore, Calicut, Goa, Haridwar, Karkal,  Kerala, Prayag, Rameshwaram,  and Tirupathi. The math undertakes the responsiblity of nurturing sanskrit schools and training purohits. It is one of the Vaishnava maths of Saraswats. 
1. Sri Ramdev, installed by Srimad Yadavendra Tirtha Swamiji, the First Guru
2. Sri Gopalkrishna Dev, installed by his third successor, Srimad Upendra Tirtha Swamiji
3. Sri Laxminarasimha Dev, installed by his fifth successor, Srimad Raghavendra Thirtha Swamiji
4. Sri Bindu Madhav Dev, installed by his seventh successor Srimad Madhavendra Tirtha Swamiji.
Kashi Matth Swamiji

The Gokarna math is also known as the Partagali math. Vaihnava saraswats started this math at Bhatkal in 1476. This math had a wide followers of Keladi rulers, vaishnava Saraswats and the undivided Kanara. This math has large network of it's establishments in Bhatkal , Gokarna, Basrur, Dicholi, Rivona, Manglore , Ankola, Karwar, Varanasi, Manki , Vasco,Gangolli,Venkatapur,Honavar, Yellapur, Badrinath, Siddapur, Belgaum, Hubli, Madgaon and Wadala (Mumbai). The headquarters had been shifted from Bhatkal to Partagali Goa. This math was named after Swamy Jeevattam Tirtha. Now H.H. Shreemad Vidyadhiraj Teertha has succeeded to the Peetha. This Math has celebrated its Panch-Shatabadi (Quin-centenary).

The first Guru of this math was Parijananashram Swamy. Shankarasrama Swamy followed to be the second Gurupeeta and took samadhi at Chtirapur near Shirali in Uttara Kanara which later became the center of this new math. H.H. Shreemad Sadyojat Shankarasharam succeeded as the eleventh Guru of Shri Chitrapur Math on February27, 1997. This math radiates many socio-cultural programmes and has a museum in the math lounge.

Dabholi Math  is renowned known as the Kudaldeshkars Math mainly due to it's Smartas followers. It is located near Vengurla in Sindhudurg, Maharastra. The followers of this math are fragmented around few areas of Sawantwadi, Ratnagiri, Belgaum, Hubli, Dharwas and Kolhapur. This math promotes it's preaching skills and it's religious culture.

Vivaranandaswamy the disciple of Govind Bhagavarpada founded Kavale or Kaivalya math at Kushasthali in Goa. This math was reawakened at Kavale in Goa in 1630's. The math has mushroomed all over India in Varanasi, Gokarn, Sadashivgad, Belgaum, Allahabad, Nasik, Mumbai, Khanapur, and Goa. The Smarta Gaud Saraswars in South Kanara are the followers of this math.

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