According to the Hindus each day has it's own significance. The importance of each day is signified for each God. It is considered auspicious to fast on a particular day to please that God. The panchang has been followed by the Hindus for about five thousand years. 




Monday (Somwar) Moon (Chandra) Shiva Blessings for a good Husband.
Tuesday (Mangalwar) Mars (Mangal) Ganapati To ward off the unlucky influence of Mangal.
Wednesday (Budhwar) Mercury (Budha) Krishna For bringing peace and Prosperity.
Thursday (Guruwar) Jupiter (Guru) Dattaguru To obtain knowledge and wisdom.
Friday (Shukrawar) Venus (Shukra) Lakshmi For long life and ample wealth.
SaturdayShaniwar) Saturn (Shani) Hanuman

To remove the bad influence of Shani.

Sunday (Raviwar) Sun (Surya) Surya Good health & Liberation.

There are seven days in a week and all the seven days are dedicated to each God. The God if praised by the devotion and love of the devotee is expected to usher the devotee's wish. 

The Seven Planets are each associated with the Seven Days of the Week. In the eyes of all traditional Hindus these seven planets constitute a group of deities whose power over every person's life is very significant. The planets are worshipped because of their favorable influences ( Jupiter, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Sun and the Moon) and their sinister effects (Shani, Rahu & Ketu) therefore the favor of all these must be conciliated before any auspicious event can be successful. The Sun rises from the East and since Sun is worshipped by the Hindus, East is considered an auspicious direction. All sacred ceremonies are conducted facing east.

Panchang gives the position of the planets and as the planets affect a human being it becomes important to consult a panchang before any important work is undertaken.

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